Monday, 16 October 2017 14:11

About us

UK Alumni Association of Montenegro (MAUK) is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation bringing together people from Montenegro with university degrees from British universities. We are primarily part of the UK’s prestigious Chevening Scholarship Alumni Network, but our membership is open to all UK graduates from Montenegro regardless of the programme.

In addition to establishing a strong UK alumni network in Montenegro and building partnerships with relevant institutions and NGOs, our main mission is to support educational opportunities for Montenegrin students in the United Kingdom, and promote the Chevening and other scholarship schemes that are open to candidates from Montenegro. Our activities are directed at supporting higher education and science, building the country’s reputation, and facilitating the overall exchange between Montenegro and the United Kingdom, including cultural, economic and political relations.

Since our establishment, MAUK has organised and taken part at various events. We presented Chevening scholarships to Montenegrin students throughout the whole of Montenegro. MAUK organised the first Balkan Regional Chevening Forum ‘Knowledge Shaping the Region’ in September 2014 in order to mark the celebration of the 30th Chevening Anniversary worldwide and 20th Anniversary in Montenegro.

We organised the first-ever Montenegro-UK Chevening Business Forum in February 2016 that gathered government and international officials, business-people, and guests from Montenegro, the UK, and the region for talks about the business environment in Montenegro and making the country more attractive for British and other foreign investments. Following the successful completion of the first Business Forum, MAUK organised the second Montenegro-UK Chevening Business Forum in February 2017, focused on resolving NPLs in Montenegrin banking sector to restart credit growth, local economic development and competitiveness and business environment improvement.

In November 2016, we organised the first Chevening Innovation Forum – Innovation Reshaping Montenegro 2016 aimed at inspiring Montenegrins of all ages and social groups to creation and innovation and influencing decision-makers to support and foster creative and innovative ideas and projects. 'Digital innovation in public administration: Future of Montenegro' was the topic of the Second Innovation Reshaping Montenegro Forum organised in 2017. This Forum was aimed at all stakeholders involved in the process of public administration reforms in Montenegro, with more than 100 participants, including representatives of the government, local municipalities, NGOs, start-ups, and students. The goal of this Forum was to support enhancing digital innovations in Montenegro through finest British expertise and Chevening alumni examples, by encouraging digital innovation and reinforcing the principles of user-orientated digital services.

We invite all the UK graduates, as well as those who intend to continue their education in the UK, to join us and participate in our activities and discussions.