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Wednesday, 11 December 2019 20:12

Third Innovation Reshaping Montenegro Forum 2019: Youth. Innovation. Sustainable Future.

Third Forum “Innovation Reshaping Montenegro”, organised by MAUK and with the support of British Embassy Podgorica, was held on 5th and 6th December 2019, as the continuation of the first two Innovation Forums held in 2016 and 2017.

The forum is part of the project “Chevening innovations for Montenegrin Youth Empowerment“, financed under the Chevening Alumni Programme Fund (CAPF).

“Youth. Innovation. Sustainable future.” was the topic of this year’s forum and it was aimed at supporting and encouraging youth-led innovation in Montenegro through finest Chevening Alumni expertise and by increasing the visibility of their outstanding projects and ideas.

British Ambassador H.E. Alison Kemp, Ministry of Science of Montenegro representative Sasa Ivanovic and MAUK representative Jovana Martinovic opened the Forum.

Ambassador Kemp said that events like this are an opportunity to talk about what we all have in common: the desire for our societies to be more modern, more resilient, the desire for our institutions to better listen to the needs of citizens and provide them with better protection. "This is just the dawn of the digital age, and small and capable young countries like Montenegro are rightly investing time in thinking about how we can seize the opportunity of the age ahead," Ambassador Kemp stated.

On behalf of the Ministry of Science, Mr. Sasa Ivanovic, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Science and Technology Park, opened the forum and thanked the British Embassy Podgorica and MAUK for focusing on innovation, pointing to the fact that the Government of Montenegro and the Ministry of Science are increasingly putting innovation at the heart of their priorities.

On behalf of MAUK, Ms. Jovana Martinovic welcomed everyone present and presented the concept of the forum. The two-day forum was composed of inspiring panel discussion, highly-anticipated workshop, informative and motivating presentations and broad networking opportunities.

The opening speeches were followed by interesting panel discussion on the importance of education and technology innovation in shaping a sustainable and inclusive society, as well as a better future for next generations. Chevening Alumni representatives Katarina Kreceva from North Macedonia, Krenare Lleshi from Kosovo and Marija Novkovic from Montenegro, emphasized that learning is never ending process and presented their experiences how education and technology innovation drive the change in everyday life.

On the second day of the forum was held a workshop by Manuel Menesis Namihira, Chevening Alumnus from Mexico and co-founder of CIRKLO, the leading social innovation consultancy in Latin America. Presenting the concept and power of transformative innovation, Manuel helped the participants to apply it in their respective fields, contributing to building a sustainable Montenegro.

In addition to panel discussion and workshop, the forum also included six very informative and motivating presentations on disruptive innovation, smart cities, freedom of expression and privacy in the digital age, good governance and open data, digital citizenship and corporative citizenship. Presentations were held by six Chevening Alumni from five different countries: Samsurin Welch from Malaysia, Olga Grygorovska from Ukraine, Aliaksei Patonia from Belarus, Carla Gamberini from Peru, and Ksenija Martinovic and Neli Rasovic from Montenegro.

In short, the forum showcased the many talents and projects of Chevening Alumni from all over the world and provided the latest insights into innovation in areas that are crucial for the sustainable future of Montenegro and its European Integration process.

The organisers would like to thank all those who attended the forum for making it such a successful event.